The word commodification itself means to commodity, something in a commercial way that intrinsic value is utilized. Slavery,  oppressive labor practices,  female reproduction and realms of sorcery and endo cannibalism are part of body commodification.

Biotechnology, whose application is clinical and scientific arenas  marks paradigmatic shift in understanding fragmented body. It also explores the idea like reproductive techniques,  organ transplantation,  cosmetic and transsexual surgeries,  genetics and immunology and also tattooing and piercing.

Surogacy was introduced earlier for unfortunate mothers who were not able to give birth, but today it has become a tool to maintain the perfect figure in the glamour world.  Poor women readily fall in this trap and take it up as their clientele because it guarantees capital and secured nine months. Beauty, zero size ideas has possessed the idea above motherhood.

This is related to exploitation of ideas of commodification in a pragmatic sense. Many a times if the surrogate mother’s baby is rejected, they have to take guardianship of those babies. Biomedical and Bioscience have been involved in the objectification and commodification of human body regions. The body has been practiced as a tool to surogacy where the body belongs to other individuals and a baby is carried for others.

This is merely one aspect of commodification. Thither is a need to understand the pros and cons of surrogracy as commodification.