Bus was never my choice for travelling but my college had given me an opportunity to love this travel too. The fact that my college “SRM UNIVERSITY” being located exactly in the distance of 45km from my place troubled me always, but I never expected that it might turn out to be the best thing ever happened in my college life. The college offers us some extremely comfortable buses including the one in which I travel. The comfortable seats and good air conditioner provides a pain-free travel for sure.

Apart from this the factor that makes my travel a pleasant one is the Chennai city itself. The meagre sight of Sun and its rays in the early morning along with the bedim appearance of moon which is not ready to leave from our eyes is just a delight to watch. A true nature lover will like to have a DSLR camera to capture this exotic scene.

The afterimage of fresh flowers as garlands in temples and the bouquets in the flower shops with fascinating freshness and mesmerizing colours give me another reason to smile and intake the morning bliss.

The fast food stalls make me drool. The Chennai international airport looks stunning in the early light. One cannot hate unless he had a terrible past with the airport. The school students, college-goers, working people make me realise that I am not the only one who didn’t have a long dozing time.

Vehicles don’t emanate much horn sounds or dusts in the morning hence Chennai looks clean and clear. Holding your mobile phone in hand and listening to few good melodies through earphones will make a bus journey a greater one.

I wouldn’t say the same for the travel from college to home. The afternoon heat, pollution and too much of noise makes everything detestable but the morning pleasure compensates more than required for the evening disaster.

AWESOME is the word for all the pleasures that I receive from the morning travel…

Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance to love this morning sight again-The chant I would repeat everyday..


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