Actually, what is the sweetness in this hectic life? Do we know where the sweetness of life lies?

Come on!

Let us now just have a look on to the way, where we can explore ourselves and bring out the sweetness in our life…..



If we feel the

Entire world as a heaven,

Living with the people as a party every day,

Society as a house of happiness,

Heart as a beautiful playground,

Smile as a pretty garden,

Communication as a lovely bridge,

Hope as a pleasant weather,

Aim as an unlimited destination,

Thoughts as a great boon,

Work as a self-discipline,

Support as an unforgettable experience,

Relationship as an everlasting bond,

Humanity as a delicious honey, and

Kindness as an upgrowing tree.


  then we will surely find beauty everywhere, in everything and in every human being.


Finally, if we do start treating nature as our best buddy,

I strongly say every one of us will find the sweetness of our life.


Love your life, and Heartfully & loudly say Thanks to Zindagi!! 

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