Do you remember the times when our parents would forbid us to open the door to a stranger or refuse a chocolate from people not known? We would fear them stealing something from us or putting a voodoo spell on us or curse us.

But today, we seek out strangers to share a cab with, strangers whose home we can bunk up in. The popular usage of apps like uber and airbnb and tinder show us how we trust strangers more although we’ve never met or known about them previously. You go on dates though tinder or post an advertisement on the web to find your husband or wife. How absurd would it sound had you been in the 80’s?

So this huge wave of change is brought about by technology. It changes our definition of trust, our core values. While it brings us together in ways not known before, it uproots ‘trust’ as people in 90’s knew.  Technology gratifies us with instant results – letting us buy or sell things or get a lunch with someone without having to build ‘familiarity’.

So how is that we trust people enough to get in a car with a total stranger and yet we don’t trust a banking executive?

Trust is the fundamental glue that holds a ‘society’ together.  Society cannot run without trust. Are we therefore, updating our definition and building different kinds of societies? Are these societies analogous to our ideologies?  The change is visible in financial services, in peer to peer lending changes, the amount of crowdfunding provided to bitcoins and many more.

The debate on how good or bad is it can be approached another day if you wish. I highlight the changes it brings and how we should be ‘vigilant’ about using technology.  It increasingly shapes who you are.

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