College life is one of the central historic phases of one’s life. A place where every student once fantasizes to be. A place where first time in life a character is left free to make his own decisions. But what makes this site as much as noteworthy as ‘Engineering’ sounds to be?

Before going you have probably already wondered what college will look like? Will it be scary or like home? But I think it is something which is worth more. The best and worst part of the college which I like the most is the flexibility that it offers. Here you are able to choose everything your friends, your classes, hangouts etc.

Years spent here, helps us to amplify our expansion in many folds. It provides us many opportunities to explore ourselves and the opportunities to be you at the same time. This is something which is everywhere but we have to scour it? We have the possibility to be like that opportunist who believes in drinking water from the glass when pessimist and optimist are busy in discussing whether ‘it is half full or half empty’. One of coolest thing about here is comings and goings which were never done before i.e. the adventures. It may seems nonsensical to some people to see someone going to eat ‘maggi’ at 2:00 A.M , to decide that you are going to take a unplanned trip of more than 200 km just to watch movie in varying city, or to decide that you are not going to study even you have semester exam next day. Though these activities may seem insane but they make us someone that we were never before.

Other good aspect is that it gives the chance to interact with new personages having different physique, mindset, ideas who share their experiences and views together which give someone a leg up in breaking bonds of your thoughts. Increase in network circle directly or indirectly do someone a favour sometime .Though there are lots of stuff to do here but there combined effect teach us one of the great lessons of life i.e. ‘Management‘. Here one gets the opportunity to manage himself, his work and other relationships at the same time.

We must change our weaknesses into strength, since we are here for very limited validity. 4 years is just 208 weeks and nobody is going to memorize his/her or other marks on your final day. The only things you are going to leave here is happy memories of your young days because after 10 years sitting on your office chair thinking about old days your academic performances will never make you laugh. People will remember only the time spent with the character. Life in college is like sprinting with lemon on spoon kept in your jaws. Its ok to bunk few classes, have get-together, enjoy your low scores because in the end you are going to get nothing after the lemon fall. Because at the death bed people don’t feel cool about the things, that they have done in life, but regret about what they were not able to do. The greatest trouble for us is that we think we have time.

As a college student, we must enjoy the little things in life in order to achieve excellence with full enthusiasm, because one day when you will look back you will realize they were really big things. Remember “time has no holidays”, and the best thing that ever happens to us is that “we are human beings, not any computer programming”.