The Beauty In She

The Beauty In She

Its in the way she smiles,

The sparkle in her eyes

And how she loves dew

In the way she looks at you

Its in the way she speaks

The things she thinks

And when she scrunches her nose

In the way she holds the rose

Its in books she loves

When she smiles at doves

And when she quotes her favorite lines

On her face when sun shines

Its in the songs she plays

Her night and days

And when she worries about you

Her eyes When she finds it new

Not in the way she looks

Or the way she walks

But in goodness in her heart

And in the freedom of her thoughts

Like flying in the sky….

Diving deep down the sea..

like Walking on water…

Meeting a fairy…

Fighting the evil

Superhero I wanted to be…

Going to space

Bigger stars I wanted to see…

Wanted to big person…

I wanted to be taller me..

Smiling all the time..

I wanted to be happy…

That’s all little myself saw…

That all was reality…

That’s all I ever wanted…

The real little me…!!!