Disclaimer: The author of the article or any such person with similar surname is unaware of the existence of

this mystical creature.

The entire nation is on fire. The queen has declared it to be true. FBI has opened a probe for the reason. Everyone has the name on their mind all the time, and when the mind stops, currency speaks. Yes, the entire world is buzzing about this mystical lady that goes by the name of Sonam Gupta is finally accused of being a “Bewafa”. Yes friends, “सोनम गुप्ता बेवफ़ा है।”

And I dare, if anyone come up with those lame jokes to any Gupta residing on this planet “Bro this Sonam Gupta is a relative of yours..” I DARE YOU. I DOUBLE DARE YOU. Oh, wait. These memes are round the house. Social media is filled with many of those trolls that have mercilessly killed many people’s humour level, and common sense of others. I feel for you, if these memes have paralysed your brain, but that is how a trend spreads.

There is a single reason behind this, that a psychopath ranted out his one sided madness on an innocent note, but the conspiracy theories ranges from Nehru to cyber cafes to even Illuminati. Yes, Sonam Gupta might be an ISI agent, or she might be even from Mars. And for all those girls who unfortunately share the same name, fret not. The less you can do is to hop on to Beer Cafe in Delhi with you ID and enjoy free draughts.

The discussions might be endless, and many more conspiracy theories can be formed. Even celebs can be linked to this, but the least I could say is
“Sonam Gupta bewafa bhi hai, aur kalpanik bhi”