After 6 years of marriage, and a beautiful daughter of 4, she realised she is going to miss this house. But they have to move now, packing all these memories in several boxes. It amazing how your life can fit in boxes, and a truck.

She was taking all her books out to pack when she saw something, a journal, wrapped up in a brown paper, and a rope like thread binding it in position. She put the books in her hands aside and got that thing out. She remembered what it was. It was her diary, her dreams. She untied the thread and unwrapped it, slowly, savouring these moments.

And when she opened it, it was like she was like her whole life was in front of her in a flash. Page by page, she saw what she wanted to do, what she dreamed of and what lived for. But priorities change, lives change, dreams change.

Once a person who wanted to learn French language and experience French culture, now wants to keep doing things traditionally.

Once a person who wanted to bungee jump, is now more than happy to ride the toy train with her toddler.

Once a person who wanted to see the world on her own, travel around, now just wants to see it through a window called television.

Once a person who wrote down all these things in this diary,now closed it up, wrapped and tied it again to put it where it belonged. Under many books on her book shelf. But she saw her daughter so happy and she promised that her daughter will do everything she will want to. That is the only thing on her bucket list now.