There is one thing we’re all good at, judging people we don’t even know and those who we do know.

One conversation, one sentence, one look and it all goes downhill from there, and we start judging everything they do.

But no, there is one more thing, hypothesising how people should do thing because that’s the way we like them done. Not how they might want to do it. It happens, people we don’t know staring at us, giving us looks, looking irritated. It all has become monotonous.

The middle aged lady thinks what kind of parents allow their daughter to go get inked. The guy in mid- twenties thinks she might be into hard metal, and lives far away from home, to be able to get a tattoo.

The teenage kid finds it cool and day dreams about the time he will be having one. The man in early forties thinks it’s disgusting, and worries what if his own daughter does that.

How can she have the audacity to walk around like that?

The woman, middle aged, who looks so simple might be thinking that she looks good but that thing is not good. She doesn’t judge much. And the old ones are just worried about the problems her parents are going to have in finding a guy for her marriage.

But there is one girl, young, in her twenties, she thinks the tattoo maker is an awesome artist, how beautifully he carved out the beast on her arm, such a beauty. She likes to think about the freedom she has to have the courage to do something that’s usually frowned upon in this, backward, still developing society of hers. She thinks she deserves the way she walks, head held high with confidence, and not think about her image people make in their minds.

They don’t need to know who she really is, they can judge and criticize who they think she is. And that was the girl with the dragon tattoo.