essence is travelling
combining all the necessities for life
everything with specific time;
agony, gay and it goes on as a saying goes
‘Nothing’s permanent except change’.

Life’s a real confusion
when everything sums up.
Memories played a crucial role in confusion;
‘smiling for those poignant moments yet
whimpering for those euphoric moments’.

Everyone live with certain
hopes, dreams and goals in life.
Despite the dilemma lies in the midst of
the journey. Times of torn pieces need desperate
strong uphold to prevent further from
accomplishing the target

Innumerous sufferings
deserves the worth of pain.
It’s certain that;
People eventually comes and goes in life.
Statistical representation are not a matter in the end
of life but moments which contribute towards the
memories. Therefore a saying goes

One’s destination is a crucial role for the
determination of faith; Not everyone can accept it
for life itself played an unfair role.

People’s life vary uniquely.
For some it’s adventurous, some persistence,
some better in dealing with it. Some like to experience
for their own self yet some can’t. Some live in
their own world of illusion yet some chose
to live the real world.

People never fall in LOVE yet sadly,
it’s the illusion
that makes them believed to exist which in turn
end up themselves a victim of it.

People made promises
but one thing to keep in mind;

Learning to love oneself is an important
asset in life. For in the end, only the essence of
oneself is immortal.

Life is viewed in different forms from
the holy book of Bible;
a morning fog and a dew on leaf..
although the days are short, it’s full of misery
and affliction.

The journey of life accompanied by woe
is filled with
wonder and beauty in it!!!