In the current scenario, people tend to choose their career even before they enter their kindergarten education. But still, the right choice is made when they do their high schooling, when the students themselves put their brain into action, to choose the course that they are planning to do, thus settle in a standardised career. Usually, kids choose to become a professional like an engineer or a doctor. Very few are the kids who choose to become a teacher. Now, here we are going to see the joy that one gets to enjoy when he/she becomes a teacher.

Every profession has an advantage, and specifically, if you become a doctor, it is a profession which could save lives. If you become an engineer, it is a profession which has a lot of brains involved. But, the greatest advantage of becoming a teacher is that anyone who wants to become a doctor or an engineer must come past a teacher, and that’s why teaching profession is unique. When people tend to assume that teaching is a profession, which acts as a safe zone which comes in handy when a student can’t become a doctor or an engineer, in most of the cases people fail to understand that it is the teachers who have to be equipped with intelligence, because, they are the ones who transfer their knowledge to the upcoming generations.

More the contentment available in any other profession, the teaching profession fills the heart with contentment, because it incorporates service to the nation along with a wonderful profession. Being a teacher is not a cake walk, for they are handling the brains of the future pillars of the world. Only, when the teachers work with passion, will the students be benefitted. A teacher without passion is likely to spoil the lives of hundreds and thousands of students which is not a good sign.

When the joy of being a teacher is discussed, the smile on a child’s face when he/she learns something new, cannot be replaced by even lakhs of rupees. A good teacher is a treasured passion, which every student will cherish. The joy of being a teacher is the one of the best of the experiences.