It was just six in the morning, even the sun us hesitant to rise. His roommates were in deep slumber. After all it was Sunday and there was no reason for them to let go off their beautiful sleep. That wasn’t the case for him. He was awake for 3 hours then. He couldn’t wait until the clock hit 10. He made several visits to his mirror just to make sure he looks fine. He can’t take a chance on a Sunday.

It was on Sundays he gets to meet her, actually see her from a long distance. Every time she enters the novels section of the library, all he can think of his how innocent her eyes look. The way she bit her lips when she couldn’t find the book she had in her mind, the way her eyes wandered from shelf to shelf when she can’t make a decision on which book to read that day. He couldn’t wait any longer. It has been 3 months since he first saw her in the very section reading the synopsis of one of his favourite books. Her confused eyes were so hypnotising that he just wanted to hold her and look deep into them. Since then he has been under her spell.

It was 10 am and he was the first one to enter the library. He didn’t care to wait any longer. He was super excited thinking that this could be the day that he spoke to her for the first time. He went and sat in his usual corner seat from where he can see the entire novels section. He waited for her to make her appearance.

He didn’t realise he waited there for four long hours, and there was no sign of her coming then. He told himself the various possible reasons for why she didn’t make it that day. But he couldn’t fool himself for another two months. All he cared about is that she is fine. He didn’t know her name; he didn’t know which branch she was in. He didn’t know anything about her. All he knew was that she is the girl who liked to spend her Sundays in the college library reading books while listening to music. He always wondered what kind of music she liked since he never had a chance to peek into her playlist.

After two whole months, he decided to stop visiting the library. He didn’t want to get disappointed time and again. But something didn’t allow him to lay back and rest. He wanted to take that chance. So he took it. He entered the library with minimal hope. He sat in the same corner and surprisingly the entire library was filled with people. He saw students from various streams wandering here and there to have their hands on those important books for their upcoming exams. Yet, his very close to heart novel section was empty. The whole section looked dull to him. Her presence would have made it glow, he thought. He closed his eyes and laid back in his chair wondering when can he look at those hypnotising eyes again.

He heard a sound of someone placing a book in his table. He opened his eyes and looked at that person. It was that innocent face again. The face he was dying to see. The eyes he wanted to fall deep into. The lips he couldn’t stop thinking of.  He thought he was going to die. She sat in front of him not breaking the eye contact and holding a light smile. They looked at each other for a too many seconds, and he didn’t realise until she said “hi”. A new chapter has just begun.

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