The brilliant light emanating from her gave me coolness and freshness. After the heat waves, She has come to shine on me, She has come to soothe me. She looks so beautiful and endearing tonight.

I ask her the reason for such adornment.

She covers herself in clouds blushing away. She peeks out slowly and with the breeze blowing she moves towards the sea.

There, she is shimmering. The water looks so beautiful. She has done her magic already.

I, like a thirsty traveler yearns to be in her bosom and embrace her and get filled and nourished by her.

I immerse myself into her. The chillness of the mesmerizing waters gives me goosebumps. My whole body shivers, yet I stay glued to the spot. I cannot, I do not want to move.

She, the moon has paralyzed me. I am frozen in her beauty and the depth of her silver light.

I don’t want this night to end.

I don’t want the sun to rise again and burn her away.

I only want her, the moon.

Now and forever!