“….They were Murdered long ago”, said a 15 year old boy who served me my order of Tea and Sandwiches at a Dhaba along the NH-1….

These words of his left me in deep thoughts of how could someone of his age be so mature and humane. His thoughts, his words; didn’t justified his age and his profession but still, it was real.

Raju was the only son in his family and was forced into such small works when his father lost his limbs in a train accident few years back. Since then he left the school and had been supporting his mother who used to stitch clothes for an earning.

Despite all this he portrayed an ever smiling face and was as lively as a fish.
One could easily tell that he would have been good at studies too and might have posessed a bright future if he wouldn’t have been forced to work as a child labour.

Watching by him work I felt an urge to talk to him and called for him.
I asked,”What do you dream of becoming one day ?”
“My Dreams Sir ; They were Murdered long ago”, said that 15 year old boy and started to clean the table as i had finished my meal. I looked and looked at him with agony. I gave him 100 Rupees as a tip and that was all i could do. He was smiling as never before as it was his biggest tip till date…

I left with a sigh and a thought of another MURDER that this “Child Labour” had done and how much more were to come. But the question that arises is that when would this criminal be Hanged Till Death…

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