The Next Tom Hanks’ That we Wanna See


”… Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get. “

and another thing that our dear Forrest’s mom didn’t knew he will get, but we DO, is the Academy Award for the Lifetime Achievement. As fans that’s the least we expect from the academy. However far may it be for him before that day, but the heartwarming performances and the rides with all the emotions imaginable that we shared with Tom Hanks in all his movies are worth more than a single lifetime of appreciation.

As Tom is fading away into his golden years, we take a look at the stars who have already weaved enough of their own magic that has given the audience enough reasons to look forward beyond our favorite.

Benedict Cumberbatch


Became a household name after his stint as the lead role in smash-hit BBC series Sherlock. Already a theatre regular, the his effortless portrayal of the brainy as the new sexy then opened up the doors of Hollywood for him, with characters ranging from some more science guys like Hawking(yes, by BBC,2004) and Alan Turing( The Imitation Game) to some with darker shades like Black Mass and Star Trek franchise. This video only begins to show the result of all those years of theatre training that he underwent. Upcoming also includes the highly anticipated Dr. Strange.

Mathew McConaughey


Now it would appear that he started off with the wrong foot forward in all those rom-coms, but that was only one of those facets of this multidimensional genius.  The academy win for Dallas Buyers Club just opened the floodgates for a series of hard hitting performances including The Lincoln Lawyer, Interstellar and True Detective.

Mark Ruffalo


Unfortunatly unlike the other two, Mark is most known for what is arguably his least challenging character, The Hulk. The Avenger has been highly underrated and also underappreciated. Mark has been giving a sequence of perplexing roles, including Begin Again, Foxcatcher, Now You See Me and Infinitely Polar Bear. The Spotlight did garnered some spotlight from its Oscar win, and hopefully that would make people appreciate the diversity that this otherwise always-angry green monster has to offer to the world of cinema.