The Promise Of Being Yourself


Start promising yourself that you are capable of handling the issues in your style and your style is different in a manner that no one can be ‘you’ nor ‘you’ can be anyone. I often hear about the inferiority complex. Has anyone wondered why this issue arises? Everyday we see a better guy or a girl we start feeling inferior.


Why is it so?

Maybe you have lost interest in your being the ultimate creature. Do you know why there are only a few successful personalities. It is due to the reason of their taking an oath that they will love being themselves no matter what. Everyone lacks at some point , the only way to overcome it is how you put up with more advantages in yourself to overcome those lacking in you. You never know what you are capable of.


You never know what you are going to be tomorrow. The person you feel superior than yourself can be a fan follower of you in the forth coming year. If you lack faith , you lack the spirit. So do I. With all these inspirational words i strive to learn some of them myself just to be the one with the ultimate fan following on this universe.


Go on and promise yourself to be the best version of ‘you’.