The Resemblance

Computers were designed to do logical and arithmetical calculations. Certainly to reduce the human efforts in calculations. But the advancement in technology have made powerful computers to do far more complex operations than imagined.

There are lots of architectural and behavioral similarities in computers and humans:-

1. Processor of a computer is similar to brain. However, it is a very wide comparison as human brain performs 4 trillion operations at a time and a supercomputer can perform only about 1 trillion.

2. Memory (RAM, ROM, Cache or Buffers) of a computer is analogous to brain cells working together. Brain cells in our brain are way too efficient than any of the databases in the world.

3. Connections in computers are similar to our nervous system.

In behavioral resemblance, the processor performs operations just like respective brain parts. The result is stored in memory just like the combination of brain cells store the experiences witnessed by human body.

Even through all these similarities, human brain cannot be hacked because the voltage produced by brain cells is too low to detect any brain waves by any device, whereas, any computer in the world is easily hacked if you have a set of required skills for the job and is done by a HUMAN PROCESOR.

This gives us an insight to the scope of development in this field. Also, it easily gives us the answer to the question:-

Which is the strongest computer in the world? 

Answer is: HUMAN BRAIN!

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