Each one of us is undergoing some kind of struggle…in each and every second of our lives…the struggle of fulfilling our dreams, the struggle of sustaining ourselves, the struggle to become big, the struggle to be happy, the struggle to be satisfied…and the list, of course, is never ending

But the biggest struggle we are going through and probably at every moment of our lives is the struggle to find our own self.

What am I? What is my purpose of being? What to do next? And most importantly Who am I?
There always are times we face failures and also there are times we taste success but the struggle to find ourselves doesn’t end at either of the times.

Only a small proportion of people are aware of what they want in life or what they want to make out of it, an even lesser portion is able to achieve actually what they wanted or dreamt all along the journey. Most of the proportion gets settled with whatever they get.

The question thus still remains unsolved
Are we the ones we always dreamt of becoming or are we the ones we ended up becoming???

The quest to finding yourself continues to exist even after we ceased to exist.

I too am unable to answer this and feel each one of us is but I hope that while our struggle to finding ourselves we end up finding the purpose of our lives and maybe someday, the answer to my question as well.