The Subway


Location: Somewhere near Dobhi talav, Mumbai.

I made my path from the subway, tears flowing off my eyes. I felt impure, filthy. The sound of vehicles above me was a cue that it is not a dream, yet those sounds had no effect on me. The incident was traumatizing. Every bit of my body shook with fright and disgust. I wanted to clean myself and take this dirt out from my body. I rubbed my hands over my shoulders as if scraping that dirt away. Tears made me break into many bits. They became my weakness. A thousand thoughts accumulated in my head as I earned my way determined to fight back and to never give up. How could anyone possibly do it? Such an inhuman act! I swore to drape this dirt as my shield and to fight back every blow that gets in my way. I promised myself to make this incident as a sword to kill that brute! Slowly, almost limping and dragging myself, I walked towards my goal.

The gates where old, rusted and huge. The overgrown green trees didn’t bestow sympathy, but gave enough will to abide up. I stepped inside, I dragged myself towards the door where two guards stood with a smile on their faces. They would never let me down, I recognized. Arriving at the door of my destination was not enough. Capital punishment was needed. Should I do this myself? I questioned myself.

The smile on their facial expression turned into a frown and then into a look of concern. Though my spine shivered in mid winter, the cool breeze had nothing to do with it. It was around 12 in the noon, the sun was high up, standing out as if escaped from the clutches of darkness, just like me.

I, with my all might gave a smile that stayed in the middle, refusing to meet its designated destination. They nodded and moved forward, allowing me in, for this time without demanding anything. As if asking was was taboo. Taboo to tell others, taboo to fight back. Taboo because I was thought to be weak and marginalized.

I couldn’t tell them why I was here. I was afraid to come out and reveal my identity and tell people I was one of them. I’m afraid they will judge me. They will call me names. Social stigma will never let me dwell a life that I had planned for me. The question was who are they to judge me? I was a victim, I didn’t plan this to befall. Simply no! They will never understand, never. I knew what to do, but the doubt was how? I needed a plan and privacy was more significant. Slowly a plan flowed into my head as I made my way towards the destination which was actually unplanned.

“Es…Excuse me, I need… I need to.. to.. to, I mean I need to speak something important.”, I said to the person in front of me with tears in my eyes and my shoulders slumped down in dismay.

The individual in front got the aura and widened her eyes in shock and surprise. She took me in and hastily closed the door behind.


” Is everyone ready? Take your stance and attack when I give out orders.”, the officer barked in his walkie talkie. He received positive reaction from the walkie talkie by approximately 10 voices.

He had no idea how many were there on his side. This mission was important and its execution was a demand. An evil smile crept from the corner of his mouth while he, along with many others kept waiting for the Target to come into the ambush.


“Bye,Yeah, sure.”, with this word I bid farewell to my friends and paved my path towards the subway.

I usually walked along with my friends but today they they had decided to bunk. I slowly made my way downstairs. I was feeling different, as if somebody was watching me. I shrugged that thought off my head as the music boomed in my ears. Music that lets out all the emotions and help you let loose. I felt so free. Exams will soon be over and holidays will start feeding me an opportunity to do things that I had decided all in my mind.

I was about to take a left turn when someone turned me around in a fraction of minutes. Before I could register what was taking place, filthy hands touched my privates as he stretched the barrier; my clothes. I was paralyzed for a few minutes and my body went cold. I started fighting back to get free as my focus retained to my screaming conscious. I screamed for help but no one fared. With possible strength in my tiny body, I pushed him on the base. I raced back towards the entrance of the subway. Subway that was a short cut to your destination. A way safer than usual roads, my subconscious mocked.


“That’s what I can say.”, I snuffled.

“Don’t worry, we will assist you. We are with you.”,she said as she embraced me tightly.

Tears were flowing out as I explained my college professor, in detail what had taken place. Instantly, I felt stronger than anything as I knew I was not alone.


“Target is making his way towards the victim”, unitary of the police whispered through the walkie talkie.

Another officer stood there with his weapon as he witnessed a movement at the right. Slowly he paved his path towards the Target, hiding himself within the shadows. As the Target was about to attack on the victim, he was hit by a bullet in his right leg which led to his dramatic downfall.

I sat there watching the apparent motion of the person I hated having a fall in his life. I viewed from a TV screen, we were a hundred meters apart, yet I felt that happiness within. I felt like I had achieved my goal. Those two minutes unforgettable incident had a great impact on my psyche. I was not content because my molester was caught. He was that darkness that has been spreading around and seeping in others life for decades. He had ruined many lives. He had this dark identity put forth by him that even if he was walking and eating along with you, you couldn’t recognize. Police had been hunting him for a decade, but no avail, probably because no one dared to speak about him. About the man that spread darkness in their life.

Working my way towards the subway again, I held my head high yet I turned back checking out if there was another like him…