This is a story of two kids who lived in village. They were the best of friends. They live together right from the dawn to dusk. They just go back home to sleep. Playing, schooling, eating, mischief are their entire daily routine. Among them one was of 6 years age and other was of 10 years age. They were very close friends just like Jai and Veeru of movie Sholay.

One day while playing they came a quite far from the village and suddenly the boy who is the older one means the 10 year boy accidently fell down into the well. He was screaming as he didn’t know to swim and was scared a lot.

The boy remaining means the younger one tries to look upon his either sides and till as far as he can but didn’t find anyone to which he can ask for help or who could help them. Immediately his sight reaches the vines of the Banyan tree and a bucket. He didn’t even wait a second to stuck them together and make it reach to the older boy. The younger boy asked him to hold on and he started pulling up his friend. It was a herculean task for him as he was too young to lift an older boy. He restlessly pulled him and didn’t stop until the older gets came out of the well.
Till now the story is understandable now the thing is that after re meeting they were emotionally happy but scared too. They thought that now we are going to be scolded by our elders when we tell them about this accident. But the interesting thing is nothing happened there. Nobody wants to believe them. They all judge the whole scenario on the basis of size and age that this couldn’t be possible. They were right at their context. That young boy couldn’t even lift up a bucket full of water, then how can he lift up an older boy.
Only one man believed their story. People used to call him Rafiq Chacha, the wisest old man of the village. And all thought that Rafiq chacha never lied, if he says there might be some reason.
They all went to him and asked that we didn’t understand anything; please you give your review on the scenario. He smiled and said, what do I say? You know the story by your wards, that the boy throws the bucket in the well, his friend hold the bucket and the lift up his friend. Then you know the story so what do I say?

They were all stunned by his saying and didn’t show any emotion. After a while Rafiq Chacha said, The Question now is not how can he lift up the boy? But the question is why can he lift up the boy? How did he get so much strength? There is only one answer to this question and that is when the kid did this task there is no one present there at that moment, at that place to say him that YOU CAN’T DO IT. No one was there; even he himself didn’t say to him that you can’t do it.


Now I say that, if anything like this happened to you. Means even you can’t hear any sound like that kid, the sounds which prohibits you, the sound which stops you neither of others nor of yours, then what will happen?

Even you can’t be stopped like that kid, you will be UNSTOPPABLE. ..


Gaurab Banerjee


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