In our life,

There will be ups and downs.

Some are created by us,

Whereas some are sudden strokes.


At least once in a while,

We should think about the past.

Not to cry or to laugh, 

But to know what those incidents from the past have taught us.

With which, we can pave a better way to a successful future.


But running across the clock without having even a micro-second

To know about our experience from the past,

Is of no use!


By running across the clock, we may win technology,

Which is artificial.

But, we’ll never realize how to create a way to make our life successful!


Everyone’s gonna leave this world one day.

But there should be some difference,

We should just reinvent ourselves!

Inside us, there is someone present.

Let us just awaken that spirit!


Hey, human being!

Try to realize the “you” in you.

Stay happy!

Know what really your life is meant for…….



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