“Do you ever wish you had a second chance to meet someone again for the first time?”

Yesterday I saw him while crossing the road. A slight glimpse of him made everything just run as a flashback. He was holding a child’s hand, a boy I suppose two years old. He was smiling as the little guy was telling him something. I started moving on the opposite side of the road where he was, just not losing a stare at him. He did not even realise my presence. The little guy dragged his “dad” I suppose inside the toy store. I thought for once to just leave the two of them alone and go my way but don’t know why something stopped me from moving forward. The feeling was very unique and awkward I can say. 

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I saw them coming out of the store, the little guy holding a G.I.JOE toy robot in his hand and holding his “dad’s” hand with his other hand. And I cannot explain the happiness I saw on his face. Actually, both of them. They strolled down the street walking hand in hand making me go behind in my past and think once there was a time we strolled together and planned for our future and having kids and a house in the meadows. Everything seemed to be so simple. But today everything is changed. And I suppose he is happy is his life.

Then they stopped by a florist and bought a bouquet, it’s for his Mom I suppose. She must be beautiful because there is a shine on her son’s face. Lucky her to have two handsome guys in her life. The little guy then insists her dad to take him in his lap. He climbs up. And then teases him and both of them walk along in a playful mood. Then what I see next came as a shock to me.

They entered the cemetery together. The little guy climbed down and took the flowers from his father and went to put it on the grave. I was just right behind them, and my heart just skipped a beat. It was his Mom. He came and hugged his father. The most beautiful part was when he whispered to his father silently, Mom loved both of us.”

father son@7tint

A drop of tear escaped from the corner of my eye making me realise the pain of their loss. The father and child both walked down the cemetery hand in hand. He had wiped away the tear from his corner of the eye so that he can support his child to play with him again. The little champ also did the same not to trouble his dad and started playing with his little G.I Joe again. They were back to their normal.

I went closer to the grave and sat down thinking what if I had not thought of solely my loss. It’s like may be someone else might have lost more than me. I got up and took my ace again.

The man heard a car honking behind him while walking on the street. He turned to look who it was. I climbed out and said, “sometimes some wishes do come true!” and he smiled back realising the statement I had once said few years ago when we first met. “Indeed some meetings are worth cherishing for.” He remarked. “I can drop you both home.” I asked. The son looked at his dad as he had never seen such a big car. Daddy gestured and he grew so excited.” Thanks Leila!” he exclaimed. “Pleasure had always been mine.” I smiled back

That day I realised that wishes do come true. Meeting someone again for the first time is a godly feeling. You realise your mistakes and give that person a second chance. May be its god’s plan to create some entertainment for some time

Ending on a happy note that that sometimes you think a person is far happy from doing something. May be there pain is much bigger than yours. Do think before you make any judgement.