I was scrolling down my Facebook account. Suddenly I found something. I stopped my scrolling. My hand stood still. My eyes were filled with tears. My forehead had all the lines of tension. My lips were shut.

My phone rang. I picked up the call. “Hello “said a familiar voice. I could not get out of what I saw. I just said “Hmmm..” “Is this Shri? ” ,said the voice from the other side. My voice trembled and said, “Ye… ye..yes. Wh… who’s speaking? ” “This is Joishy… Rishi Joishy….”, said the voice. I lost my voice. I was stunned. Without saying anything I disconnected the call.

I could not believe what happened. After so many years my past was standing in front of me. I ran away from it and came a long way to forget those bad memories which made me cry for loving someone. First the Facebook post of Rishi in my timeline ‘I am missing you with our first photo’ and then his call. I was all in ruins.

Again my phone buzzed with a message. I opened it. It was Rishi again. The message read, “Shri it has been years I have not contacted you. I tried but I could not. I finally found you. Can you meet me tomorrow in the old college canteen where we first met. I know you are here in the city. ” I was surprised to know that he knew that I was in the city. I didn’t reply to his message. I didn’t want to spoil my life again. I didn’t want him to break me into pieces. I was trembling. My eyes were pouring tears continuously. I suddenly went off and my eyes were filled with darkness.

Next morning I woke up in the hospital. I was masked with the oxygen mask. Saline was running into my blood. I looked around. The nurse came in. She looked at me and smiled. She came near,  checked me and opened my oxygen mask.  She said, ” Your breathing is fine now. ” I asked her, “How did I reach here?” She said,  “Last night you got a panic attack and you fainted. Your pulse rate dropped down. Your condition was very critical. Your brother Mr Raman brought you here.” I said, ” Can you call my brother?  I need to meet him. ” She nodded in affirmation. She called Raman bhaiya. He came in. “Are you fine now? I was so scared. Your condition was so critical. What gave you the attack? “, he said. I said, ” I am fine. Bhaiya I need to tell you something. ” He nodded his said in affirmation and made a gesture with his eyes to feel free to say. Before I could say anything the doctor came in. “Hi Shri. How are you, Miss Writer? “, asked Dr. Shilpa Shinde.

I smiled and said, ” I am fine. ” She did my check up and helped sit upright. She said to bhaiya, “She is better now. Let her stay for a day more under our vigilance and tomorrow morning she can go home. But before both siblings start talking. I request the elder sibling to get the younger one her medicines. By that time her another brother, Mr Pulkit can be with her.” I and Raman bhaiya smiled. Raman bhaiya along with the doctor went out and Pulkit bhaiya came in. Before I could say anything Pulkit bhaiya said, ” I know why you got the attack. I saw Rishi’s post in your timeline. I even saw his message in your phone. Relax baby. When your brothers are here don’t worry. He is our friend but you are our sister. We love you both.

I will see into the matter. ”  My eyes filled with tears again. Pulkit bhaiya wiped my tears. “Raman doesn’t know anything about it. We will discuss it tomorrow at home. Not now. And none of us have informed Rishi about your arrival. We don’t have any idea how he got those information. “, said Pulkit bhaiya. I smiled weakly.

Within a while Raman bhaiya entered the room. Along with him entered Rishi. I looked at Pulkit bhaiya. My eyes got widened in shock. My breathing went high and short. My body trembled again. I could hear voices of my brothers saying, “She is again getting the attack. Call the doctor. Raman take Rishi away. Call the doctor. Put her oxygen mask…..” And many voices. But slowly my eyes filled with darkness again.
After an hour or so my stability returned. Pulkit bhaiya and Raman bhaiya had a word with the doctor and took me back home as they came to know my reason of the attack. They sent Rishi back to his home.

I was back to home. My brothers took me to my room and made me sit upright with the support of my pillow on my back. Kriya di aka Kriya bhabi was already in home. She got me my favourite mushroom cream soup. She was feeding me the soup. My brothers sat near me and said, ” All of us know the reason behind your panic attacks. Stop running away from the past, baby. It won’t help. Face it.”, they said.

I looked down and nodded my head. Pulkit bhaiya said, “Kisne bulaya Rishi ko hospital pe? ” Kriya di said, ” Rishi called me yesterday night to know where is Shri. If she’s in the city. I said she had a panic attack and you all took her to hospital. Before I could ask him anything he disconnected the call. It seemed weird but now I can connect it.” “Okay. Rishi found out she is in town from somewhere and the hospital he found because both me and Raman work in City Hospital. That’s how he was there. And Raman could not say anything when he wanted to meet Shri.” , said Pulkit bhaiya.

I was in shock still. My eyes were pouring tears continuously. They wiped my tears. Pulkit bhaiya and Raman bhaiya called Rishi to our home. Kriya bhabi was continuously helping me to build in confidence to face him. Pulkit bhaiya gave his special counselling session to me to face my past. Raman bhaiya gave me my medicines.

The door bell rang. Kriya bhabi went to open the door. Raman bhaiya and Pulkit bhaiya sat along with me in my room.  Kriya bhabi opened the door. It was Rishi as expected. He was made to sit in the living area. Pulkit bhaiya along with Raman bhaiya went out to meet Rishi. They greeted each other. I could listen them talking. Pulkit bhaiya asked Rishi how he got information of my coming. Rishi said that our common friend Shyam told him. Pulkit bhaiya further asked him why he sent messages to me. He replied because he wanted to meet me because he had something to say.

Pulkit bhaiya very sternly said to him that he is allowed to meet me then and say whatever he wants but in their presence. Because my condition was not that good and everyone knew the reason behind my panic attacks.   Rishi agreed. Pulkit bhaiya asked Raman bhaiya and Kriya bhabi to get me from my room. They came to my room. Helped me to get up. I walked along with them to living area. Pulkit bhaiya looked at me and gave a look to be confident and face everything that day.

With Raman bhaiya and Kriya bhabi’s help I sat down on the couch. Rishi asked me, “How are you now? ” I smiled and said, ” Better. ” Pulkit bhaiya said to me, “Rishi is here to say you something.” I smiled faintly. Pulkit bhaiya and Raman bhaiya held my hand tight to make me confident. I said very sternly with a smiling face, ” Please go ahead Rishi. It’s not at all nice to see you after such a long time.

But I am not an animal like you to treat people wrong. I give you your chance to speak. My brothers taught me to be good human and I respect them. You are here only because of them. Thank them.” ” I know I did enough injustice to you. Even I am responsible for your present condition. I am very sorry. “,said Rishi. “Hey Rishi don’t be sorry. I should be sorry to myself because I am letting you to harm me still today. Just tell what you want to tell me. “, I said very rudely. Pulkit bhaiya asked Kriya bhabi, “Behen, sab ke liye paani leke aao aur Choti ke liye juice leke aao aur uske dawa bhi. ” We all stopped for a moment.  Kriya bhabi got water and my juice and medicine.

I had them and asked Rishi to continue. “Shri, I am really sorry. I thought the day you will leave me I will be all fine but I was wrong.  First few months I was fine then I started missing your calls. You were right that I will miss you when it will be too late. I tried mailing you but there were no replies. I tried to contact you but none helped. I could not find any girl like you. You were irritating but loved me to the brim. I finally decided to confess you yesterday but my trial made you to reach hospital. I just wanted to say I love you, I miss you. Please come back to me, Shri.”, said Rishi.  I said, ” Aab inn sab ka kya faida?  Jis bande ne meri sari zindagi jhand ki ussey main shaadi kyu karu. Tum mere layak nhi ho.” Pulkit bhaiya talked with Rishi for long.  Rishi’s word made my eyes wet.  Pulkit bhaiya consoled me and asked me to forgive Rishi. I forgave him.

Within few months I faced my past and accepted him. Today I am in Rishi’s place as his wife.