Mention pain and all of us, every single one will begint to recount all that we’ve faced in the past. It’s alright. However, let us just think, for once, what real pain is….

Long ago, I went out on a trip in order to come out from my pain.

 Ironically, that was when I realised what pain truly is. 

I was not happy with my life as the situations in it became quiet critical and I thought it is my pain and nothing can save me from it.

As I entered the place I found a family living in a hut, none of the children wore clothes and then, their mother came out with some food. I saw that there was just enough for the children. She fed them and they went to sleep. As they slept, the mother stood watching them, worrying about their future.

This is pain.

The following morning, I heard, on the news, about the terrorist attack on the Indian soldiers. And that got me thinking… There they were, soldiers of our country, fighting, protecting and sacrificing their lives for the safety of their motherland and its people. Bharat Matha, their one love and for her, they volunteer their lives. Personal lives were forgotten, and they served with pride and dedication. 

 This is pain.

Then, on my way I saw a farmer, crying all alone. He’d borrowed money to cultivate his fields. Unfortunately, the monsoon been too harsh, destroying his crop. And he said, “Ii don’t feel sad for all this, but what makes me cry is my family do not have atleast one grain to eat.”

Really painful, the one who is working hard to feed us all dont have atleast food to eat.

   This is pain.

Then I went to an oldage home, where I saw every old man & woman waiting with eyes full of hope for their children to come back and take them home from there. People who are the reason for the well positions of their children, today are treated as untouchables.

 This is pain.

Then I went to an orphanage where I saw children with cancer, physiological issues and also, suffering from multiple other diseases.  Their parents left them there, the children will sleep every night a hope that their mom&dad come to talk with them.  If parents are not interested in taking care of their children then why have them?  You parents may have anyone to talk but children has only you to open up with their mind&heart freely.

Everyone experiences pain by one way or another. When you feel that you are in pain go out and see the world, you see people who really prove they are having a happy life with a hope without knowing that they are in pain. Friends, when you see them if you can help them,please do something for them and be a cause for their smile.





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