Do you actually know the meaning of time? Is it the clock ticking or the day passing by? It probably goes beyond the apparent. But is time apparent? Is it visible? No, it’s not. But this invisible entity has a huge impact on our lives. It can creaate you it can destroy you.  

I thought I pondered I felt I indulged.  While driving back home yesterday on this rainy evening I wondered is it the trees which the trees which are being left behind or is it me moving ahead? I realized the tree is standing still. It is actually me who is in motion. While looking at the pictures on the wall there was a time when I was too small to be on my grandmother’s lap!

Now it is the time when I cuddle her like a baby.  When you were laughing at a gawky teenager at your school who had braces, could not speak in front of people and was awkward and shy. Now it is the time when you are working under him. You have to abide by his rules. This is the power of time. You thought you can never succeed in life but today you stand tall, confident and content with your choices. But were your choices completely your own?

Your choices could have been your own but what you achieved was planned by time. It was meant to happen so it did. No matter how hard you try time is the decisive factor in your success. For us taking it a bit too granted sometimes. Time has a decision for all.