How often do we ponder to control our own life and wish to be a master of our destiny ?

Everytime we plan something goes wrong. Hence ‘Man proposes God disposes’ comes into play.

But we often undermine the fact we all are His child. And He does not discriminate on cast, colour, creed, nationality. So why on earth few are called as ‘Destiny own child’ while others are ‘Deprived’  of basic needs. Its all because of our own thoughts and actions.

You don’t have control on being born but after that your every action shapes your destiny.

Your thoughts are Soul.
Your actions are body.
Greater the soul
Better the body.

We all in some way believe there is One Power, you can call it Nature too.

Nature has got everything in abundance.

And  nature of Nature is it always says Tthatsu.

So whatever is your wish, dream just spread your arms and with all belief that it would turn true ask from Nature or God whom you believe as Supreme and then do your duty.

Believing is achieving.

Same is said :”You are what you believe”.

Sachin Tendulkar the great batsman has said after winning World Cup “Dreams do come true”.

So just focus what you want  and your whole energy would attract all power ,energy to make that thing happen.

Paulo Coelho has said in Alchemist” Whole universe conspires to fulfill your dream” and same has been said in

Gita “Whatever you think you will be like your thoughts”

Its vice versa is true too, focus on Negativity and that nightmare will chill your spine.

So even in prayers use positive words, like Don’t say ‘God never get me ill’, say rather ‘God keep me strong and fighting fit’.

There is a huge difference in vibrations of both prayers, while first bank on apprehensions from illness.. your whole energy will be focused on illness and bingo you get sick cribbing.. “Jo dar bhaga so dar aaga ” an  centuries old saying.

By mere adding of strength in your prayers you feel the gut feeling of power, health and force.

Even Mother Teresa refused to attend one seminar with its topic” No war ” arguing both words draw negativity.

So ask whatever you wish.. health, wealth, soulmate, happy family, blessed life.. seek whatever you think..

Nature always say ‘Tthastu’

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