Real life = Tv serials…???????

I dn’t knw is real life =tv serial or not but these tv serials are effecting our mind …. In both sense (positive or negative) .

There are lots and lots of serials or daily soaps which are entertaining a huge mass and not only entertaining them but also affecting their minds in different ways. Serials/Daily soaps are divided on different sections and can be categorize in two ways. One way is based on the age group such as kids, teenagers, adults, old age, family, etc and another way is the type of the show such as comedy, reality, emotional, educational, etc. Now what will be the effect of such shows on viewers mind will definitely going to depend upon that which type of show you generally watching.

If you are watching channels like Discovery, National Geographic, etc then you will get good information and you will be informative. Here one more thing is their that if you watch such channels then you will be more curious to know different things and hence your mind will think more on that and it is some where possible that you will become intelligent.

So this is a good effect on human mind. If you watch news channels then you will be update to the latest news and that’s important to remain in touch with the latest news. But what about those daily soaps or serials. Here we divide the serial and hence will get more clarification over the effect.

If a person is in a habit to watch comedy serials then the effect is positive but other shows like reality shows, fictions shows somewhere develop a negative thoughts on viewers mind and now a days there is a trend of abusive shows which are becoming very much popular but such shows are making the people aggressive and developing a negative attitude among them. Some serials are such that they develop both good and bad effective on human mind as those shows include a character who plays role like villan and another character who play a role of hero.

In such a case many people like character of hero and sometimes it develops a good thinking on human mind but sometimes such characters when perform different stunts and people also tries to attempt it then the effect on mind becomes totally opposite. In such condition their is a risk to human life. But some people also love villan character and think in similar way as a villan thinks and this is the initial step of developing bad thoughts on mind. Such kind of shows have both aspects and depends on an individual that in which way he/she grasp it.

In daily serials every thing is not negative as there are some positive aspects also which can even help you in some way. If you are watching a program and let it be your favorite one then you can inspire from good characters and motivate yourself to do such works but doing the stunts without any supervision then it can be a big trouble for you. You can analyse yourself this thing that such actions can’t be performed at homes and there is always a big notice displayed that you should not try to attempt such actions/stunts at home so you should follow it strictly.

As there are some motivational shows and informative shows also which will help you a lot on understanding the reality of the life and such shows sometimes encourage the people a lot so you should graps such things not that abusive and bad things.

It simply depends over an individual that how he/she react or think over such shows. Some people take it in a good way where as some people love to watch such reality shows which mostly shows the negative impacts. I can point out any single show it is understandable that which shows are good or which are bad for you.

Still its your life and you are free to do or watch every thing but don’t let it make a sharp or deep effect on your mind otherwise it can prove harmful for you in future. If you take such shows in good way then defiantly you are going to get some benefit and you can even develop your thinking skills.

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