Most of the people get obsessed over the word ‘fair’. The world is filled with majority of people, who associates the word ‘beauty’ with ‘fairness’. In a race of humanism, where outer appearance tells a lot about you, this whole outlook of people towards each other makes a heavy impact on the internal debacles within the community.

Many have tried to voice their opinions on this issue. One such person is Pax Jones, a 21-year-old photographer in Texas, who along with a group of other women, launched a campaign to celebrate dark-skinned beauties. #unfairandlovely became a trending hashtag on Instagram and Twitter, prompting many such people to post their pics and lend their voice to the campaign.

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Many of these people have been mocked and made to feel ashamed of their skin color. Many have faced rejections in their life and have ended up with just so much self-confidence to hang on. This campaign brought out so people, gave an outlet for them to feel beautiful, make them feel accepted and boost up their self-confidence.

Beauty is something which looks attractive and pleasing to one’s eyes. There is nothing about being fair to relate with beauty. The beauty of the people lies with their ability to light up the whole room with their genuine smile, not the pre-practiced smile which does not even reach up to their eyes. Beauty is something, which is capable of being admired at and embraced. Beauty is for appreciation and not to disrespect anyone.

In a country where ‘Obsession towards fair skin’ is up to its peak and where beauty is measured based on how less your melanin content is, this campaign may as well be the bolt of thunder required to wake people from this fetish.