Accepting failure as our guide,

Treating victory as a mile stone,

Believing that today’s darkness will lead to tomorrow’s sun shine,

Adapting good behavior to train our heart,

Forwarding our vision towards future,

Ejecting our uncontrollable anger as an unwanted one,

Throwing out unlimited selfishness as a culprit,

Considering jealousy as a bad habit,

Getting habituated to patience as a daily routine,

Loving our goal more than other’s, setting a time table in an attempt to achieve it, step by step,

And in the process, holding all of them very tightly to our heart and boosting our conscience in a beautiful way.

May be hard, but that’s what they say –
“Everything seems hard until you try to implement it.

Let us take a step forward to recognize our wake up call.
The wake up call that will ultimately reflect in the development of our country.

Therefore unlock the potential in your very being and use that to achieve your goal.

Don’t rush it. But be soon.