Ways to Beat that Heat


With temperatures rising to 38 and 40 degrees, the summer is one thing everyone is dreading. The sweat, the laziness, the heat, the irritation. We understand how you feel. Here are some ways to rise above the heat and boost your energy-

  • Keep a bottle of water handy-

Water is one foolproof way to energize your body and keep heat and sunstrokes away.

  • A deodorant does the trick-

Nobody likes a smelly person near them, be it while travelling in public transport or in a lift. A small deodorant in the purse or bag always come in handy.

  • Wear cotton-

The only material which is your friend, Cotton will keep you cool and collected. Thin clothes are very comfortable and won’t attract sweat.

  • Block the heat with sunscreen-

A sunscreen that suites the type of your skin and a high SPF power will protect your skin and help to keep the tan away.

  • Use of fan and the air conditioner-

Run a fan and the AC simultaneously. The AC will keep the air cool but the fan will create air circulation and reduce sweating. After a while, the AC can will switched off.

  • Give the lights a rest-

Lights and bulbs produce a lot of heat. While running continuously, they can account for 60% of heat in the room.

  • Avoid black-

Black and other dark colours attract heat. Simple cotton and light or pastel shades are recommended.

  • Exercise wisely-

Summer should not put a stop to your health control and diet plans. Switch to swimming or jogging when the sun goes down. Drink water in excessive quantities.

  • Keep your cell away from the sun-

It is very important to avoid exposing your cell phone to the sun. The battery tends to heat up and there are chances of damage.

  • Switch to iced tea and cold juices-

Cut the caffeine for two months and instead drink cool drinks like iced tea or cold coffee.

  • Help those in need-


Leave out water for birds and animals. Keep it filled with clean water. It will give satisfaction to you too.

The heat comes and goes. It is sticky and uncomfortable but we want you to stay safe and have your wits together. Have a pleasant summer!