LOOK…let me get this straight…yeah you…GOD!!!

Who the hell are you?

If so you exist then, why are you soooo freakin cruel?

I’m telling you if at all I get a chance to meet you, I would just swap sides with you and enjoy seeing you squirm in pain…yeah now you are being in my place…sounds evil right?

Yes it is mr..or mrs..or whatever(phewww!)

Now let me brief you about how currently I’m struggling to mend your mistake of making me being born to in this world. It’s breath taking. It’s monotonous. It’s hateful. It hurts.

Do you know the meaning of sorrow? Have you ever felt hurt?

I sure hope not..cause if you did, you wouldn’t keep smiling at others undergoing through the excruciatingly same pain…

You know what?! You’re a mean person…you’re cruel and heartless and unsympathetic and unfair and evil and what not…

You don’t know about me, even though you created me.

I’m born to experience pain. I’m born to withstand cruelty.

But ..just..just.. understand that I have feelings too!!!

Just like all other people in the world. Even if people are cruel to me, I still continue to help them ..I’m wondering…why did you create me in this way? Isn’t it unfair?

Oh..yes it is!!!

The very soul of mine is enriched with sympathy, soft nature, focused attitude, care and what not?

People always think different of me.They just don’t relate with me…they are not my cushion of comfort.

I feel that I’m the black sheep among the herd…I feel that I don’t belong here many a time…

Is this all true? Or is this just an illusion?

Is this all fate? Or is this another one of your plays?

It frustrates me to even think of all those things..it really does.

I have a huge question mark about my future..well whether its going to be a long ride or a short one..whatever it is..

I’ll continue to be myself..I can’t or precisely need’nt change for anyone..cause why should I?

I’m who I am and I’ll continue to be so too..whatever little I do, I’m proud of myself and wish for a better and peaceful world (ie hypothetical)for me to LIVE IN…!!!

-with life, no soul