Cheating men spew lousy reasons to justify ADULTERY. They try to convince their partner that they did the right thing. Some of them succeed in brainwashing their spouse.
Let us hear those infamous excuses which makes other men/women call cheaters #1COWARDS :

  • “I was seduced. You were out of town and he/she was available. You know how men have needs.”

Seduction is a fine art of manipulation but it does not mean that you do not have any say in it. Men have this misconception that their so called ‘needs’, if not filled leads to desperate measures. So, they blame their partners for their deceitful actions. I mean, sure your partner is a babysitter too, who will keep an eye on you (so you won’t step out of line) and cater to your needs 24*7. (*eye roll*)

  • “It didn’t mean anything. There are no emotional ties. I slept with him/her just this one time. You know how much I love you. Right?”

 If it never meant anything, it wouldn’t have had happened in the first place. If you love someone, you won’t hurt him or her like this. It is the best way to humiliate your ‘loved one’. If that is what you do when you love someone, I don’t want to find out what you do to someone whom you hate.

  • “It just happened. A mistake. An accident. You were not giving me attention.”

Disloyalty to your partner does not just happen. It is done consciously. You talk, flirt, and then proceed forward. If you are taken for granted then talk it through with your lover. Seeking affection somewhere else is not the correct way. One cannot miraculously appear naked and accidently penetrate someone else. It is a choice, not mistake.

  • “I was angry with you. We had a fight and I wanted to vent it out on someone else.”

Just because you are angry, it does not mean you can justify you actions as done in the ‘heat of the moment’. Talk about it before things worsen. For temporary resentment, don’t destroy you relation permanently.

  • “I was drunk. I was not myself. I didn’t even know what happened.”

Alcohol makes your judgment hazy. It does not make you incompetent. Your body is still within your command. Drunk or not, sex is done with consent. Which means you have to agree before you do it.

  • “We were just talking. It’s not like I was sleeping with her. Don’t overreact. Nothing actually happened.”

Cheating does not always means having sex. When emotional solace is found outside the relationship, then it is cheating too. It is as worse as a physical cheating. No one wants to accuse his or her better half falsely.

  • “You cheated first.”

If you have accepted your partner who had an affair once, then you do not get to pull this excuse to justify your actions. If you really want to work things out, then solve the problems in your relationship. Conquer each other’s insecurities together. Not exploit them. It is a low move.

Unfaithfulness is not right. There is nothing ethical or morally correct in it. There are no good reasons for infidelity, just excuses. Make excuses or make changes the choice is yours.

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