Not all girls dream of marrying at 24. Some dream of earning a diamond ring at the cost of their own hard work. But don’t know why this is not acceptable in the society. Society is a far reached thing it’s not acceptable in our own families. They raise their girls, make them self reliant and responsible. But when they ask for their rights then they are made to remember that they are girls and their sole responsibility is to look after the family and raise their children.

But my question is why? Why should we give up our dreams to become someone else, someone we are not? Why can’t we be given opportunity to prove our worth?  Lest not prove our worth, just give an opportunity to live our life the way we want to.  Why always we girls are put under obligations that we should respect our elders, take care of the home and be in our dignities? This shows that the world doesn’t trust us any more. They think that if let alone we can fall in wrong hands.

But for your kind information, its because of us that the basic mentality of people is changing. Girls can be passionate and ambitious as well. They just need a driving force to push them to a next level. Don’t be a parent who drove their child to Everest and just before her last leap pulls her sleeves so that she is safe. She will be safer up on the vertical limit than on the ground. Let her fly with her wings open. Don’t just cut them off by tying her in the untimely and unwanted bonds of marriage and responsibilities. She knows she is responsible but lest not remind her every now and then.  She knows what she is doing and if she is trying to dream high just let her do that don’t make her feel low by saying that in reality her dreams won’t come true. It was you who taught her to live her aspirations now you don’t want to be a villain of your princess’s life.

The age of 24 is very vulnerable prone to changes and experiences. Its an age to live life because there’s a life also at the age of 30 and then at 49. You just don’t want to see your daughter’s dreams wither off just like th old dry leaves of the cherry trees. Let her life always be like the cherry blossoms in spring. Let her smile on every ethought of her life as a teenager as well as an adult. She is sensible just don’t make her feel she is not worth of things. She deserves to be happy and to make you happy. You are heart and soul to her. You were the first thing for her to happen in her life. You taught her to love and be loved. You taught her to fight. And now you are letting her expectations down. Be a mountain for her, be like a dream she wishes to keep forever. Not just like a mere trophy that she just respects and keeps through her life. Be someone who affects her in a positive way. Try to stand by her side when she is low. At the age of 24 she needs you to tell her to buy that diamond ring for her.

Alas! All these words can affect a particular mob but not the society or our own parents. I can just request please let us live our dreams at least we can make our fantasies come true. Don’t push us for untimely and unwanted things in life. You never know when your daughter just moves away from you.