Who gets response from God?


Today everyone is focusing on demanding things from God . God give me this, God give me that, God make me pass, God make me clear my interview, and anything and everything. But in all of these, only those few got favour, who didn’t even ask for it. They are neither atheist nor agnostic; they are the people focusing on their work more than asking for favor.

Simple example and this problem will sort ousted.

Suppose you are the CEO of your company. There is a post of senior manager vacant in your company. You have two options, James and Jones. James is so passionate about the work and completes his every given task on time. Jones takes initiative in innovations of the company and is grateful to the company and you (CEO) for all which he has. He is a satisfied employee.

On the other hand there is Jones. Jones keeps on flattering you, and though being an employee, he works as a servant for you to be in notice. Jones never complete his tasks on time, comes late and is never satisfied with anything he has and so keeps on flattering you and asking for the Senior Manager post.

When office hours are over, James daily greets you as, “Thank You Sir, today’s tasks have been completed. You can check them, if it needs any corrections then do let me know, I’ll correct it. Good Night!” On the other hand, Jones greets you as, “Thank You Sir, Have this stuffing sir, my wife has specially made this for you. Sir what’s that senior manager post up to?Give it to me sir, I’ll take the company to new height. (and all flattering stuff) Good Night Sir”.
As a CEO, whom do you choose to be the senior manager? It’s but obvious James is the deserving candidate. James could take the company to new heights and make it more successful.

This is the same way, God responds to us.

He is the CEO and we are here for some posts. Some focus on flattering God but some focus on their strengths and try to become deserving in the sight of God. They are the people who don’t even ask him anything because for them their work is important. God automatically grants them their desires. God responds to the deserving.

Try to be the deserving one. The Sky is the limit for you then. All Your prayers are being heard but if you do not work as much as you should for that prayer, it won’t be given to you.

GOD is watching. Become Deserving. Prepare for the Worst, work for the Best. ..



  1. Awesome man.
    Today i really got the point that,
    Who get response from the god.
    Thank You Gaurab Banerjee

    • Thank you. Thank you very very much.
      I think there was a problem in commenting that’s why there are so many comments of the same person or genre,
      Anyway thanks a lot Rama Shankar. ..

  2. Welldone Gaurab ……….(y)
    In a very simple way , u explained a vry deep meaning behind it.
    u really did a amazing job. 🙂 ……keep doing like this wrk .
    Stay blessed.

  3. Thanks a lot Deeksha 🙂
    Thank you very much.

    I think you also face the commenting trouble. Sincere Apology for that cause.

  4. personally i need an article like this as i feel something is leaving somewhere in me from inside…resulting in an internal upset..but this have change the thoughts by bringing up the positivity…cheers #GB…well done!


    • If it helps you, it means a great thing for me.
      Thank you for appreciating it. 🙂

    • Thank you baba 🙂
      It’s a great feeling that your father likes your work 🙂

  5. very enlightening..thanks for teaching us great values of humanities …..
    kolkata knight rider rules

    • Hahaha Yeah Arun Singh Kolkata Knight Riders Ruled. .. 😀
      Well thanks a lot buddy 🙂

  6. That’s really very owsm …GB…m pleased to c that u did quite appreciative task…yeah…!!!!….u simply by ur words explains a wide nd deep mean to ol such individuals who thinks that by pleasing God their task nd othr deeds cud b done nd satisfied easily…else dey need not to put their efforts….
    But by dis post I hope d best for ol such studs..
    Wel done Mr.prfct…
    Patted prfctnes in ur words…

  7. Thank you. 🙂
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart Disha.
    It’s quite amazing feeling that you liked it that far. Gud to hear from you.
    Thanks again. 🙂

  8. Great work brother ..
    Seems like we have an author in between us .
    Keep up with your hard work , all the best (Y) .

  9. ahhh……no words to explain your creativity mahn…..at this phase its really very hard to express your feelings or thought….but you have done this very effectively……about the post its really amazing and meaningful…God bless you…keep it up bro..

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