Why a Joint Family ? 

A joint family is a fun way to in live every day. Each day is an affair of errands and each meal a celebration. This system is declining in our country. Granted there are disadvantages, but take it from me, who has lived her entire life in a family of 10, with cousins and relatives all around, in a small little world of our own, I wake up every day with a smile on my face and a feeling of acceptance. These are some of the best reasons why a joint family is a blessing in disguise-

  • Unity in Diversity –

With so many different personalities under the same roof, a clash of opinions is obvious. But you get to learn a lot and a fun round of discussion has never harmed anyone.

  • Spontaneous activities –

Whether a movie, a restaurant outing or a quick drive, you never have to worry about getting bored.

  • Fun road trips –

Road trips with always be entertaining, with loud music or a friendly banter. Memories will be in the process of making.

  • Food is always around –

You will never have to worry about being hungry. Your kitchen will always be stocked with a variety of good food to eat.

  • A ready made peer group to grow up with –

Friends will always be there for you in guise of your cousins. They’ll be there for you..!!!

  • Someone will always be around –

A parent will not have to worry about their child being alone at home.

  • Learn to adjust and compromise –

You will learn to embrace a little discomfort. Learn to forgive and forget. Adjustments will become a part of life and it will help to groom your personality.

  • Share your problems –

Someone will always be free to lend your problems a ear. They will provide a solution and you can be tension free again.

  • Responsibilities

You will learn to accept responsibilities and grace your manners and behavior.

This experience has groomed me to stand where I am today. I have my entire family to thank for it. We fight, we love each other, we stand for each other, and we have misunderstandings, but we are ONE. 



  1. Too good Yashika .I’m happy for u & ur family. I wish that everyone could understand the same & lives together .B happy always.

  2. Nice one …yashika …keep it up …the importance which people of India are forgetting …

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