What a country it is!

Windows and doors of the houses always remain shut.

There is no such a thing as the nature of friendliness among the neighbors.


Oh dear, I’m really proud of you as you have that capacity to work in other countries!

May be you are earning a lot,

But I did not find reality and happiness in that.


You are in such a position where you cannot have a pleasure of breathing the natural air,

Because everywhere it is perfumed with air fresheners.

Even the food that you take is all refrigerated for many weeks.


Try to open the windows…

NO! You cannot.

Because you fear for your own freedom because it is not your country!


You can never experience the freshness in the air.

You can’t enjoy the essence of soil when it rains because everywhere it is packed with concrete!


You can never sweat in a hot sun,as we do here.

You can never enjoy the sweetness of life over there!


The only thing that you can do is…


Earn in dollars. But you can never earn love from the ones you call your own!


Dear friends,

It’s okay to be in other countries and earn much to fulfill your goals!

But please do remember one thing –

Nothing can replace your MOTHERLAND


My humble request to all of you is that –

Never forget your Motherland falling in love with your earnings.




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