It was a sunny day. And it was around 10:30 a.m when I got stuck in the traffic on the way to my office. Around the same time, we saw a person got knocked down from his bike being clashed with the divider and was severely wounded. Immediately, everyone of us over there made a call to the ambulance services and were all set to move to the hospital.

But then, came the bloody V.I.P who was travelling on the same road. So, the traffic police stopped all the traffic for 15 minutes as per high command orders.

The painful thing was after having arrived at the hospital, the doctor said that the person would have been alive if he had been brought about 15 minutes earlier.

It was a really painful situation that a life had been lost because of some unwanted rules.

I just want to know one thing! Is the value of life more important or a V.I.P?

Can that V.I.P return the life to the person and the son that the parents lost that day?

If V.I.Ps are that “special”…

Why should they breathe the same oxygen as we do? Let us ask them to carry a special oxygen cylinder!

Let them have a special siren bulb fixed at their heads to show how special they are!

Why they are living the same life as all the people do?

Why are they having the same food as we do? It is better if they have gold as food which even specifies their special nature!

But, till how many days will they still exist here?!

Why isn’t everyone equal like the law says we are?

Another drastic situation is that- only in India there is such a high count of these “V.I.P”s!

V.I.P list country wise.

Britain – 84

France – 109

Japan – 125

Germany – 142

Australia – 200

America – 252

South Korea – 280

Russia – 312

China – 435

But in India, there are nearly 5,79,092 V.I.Ps!

It’s okay! A government can surely specify a person as a V.I.P but my question is -Why all these special rules must be applicable to them?

I ask, again- Is the life of a human being more important or a V.I.P?

Everything is in our hands.

Dear friends,

Let us just stop all these rules which are unnecessary and say it out loud that India is for only Indians but not for V.I.Ps.

Thank You!



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