She seemed perfect. She was full of laughter. One can easily get mesmerized by her looks. But deep down inside she was shaken, broken and torn apart. What she projected to the world was just her fake, made-up self. But what she was going through inside was beyond imagination. She often wondered why she has to go through all this. Why was her mind not letting her be at peace with herself? Even though you cannot predict what is going on in her mind as her exterior was radiant enough. All her fantasies, dreams, desires and expectations when they met reality, had a hard time to let her be sane. She was living in denial. Her fallacies took over the truth. But she was strong enough to curb it inside.

                    She was confused between her mind and heart. Mind said move on. Heart said hold on. She was puzzled. She didn’t know whom to trust. But her delighted physical didn’t tell about her state of mind. She was forgiving but not to the point of infidelity. She was tough but not to the point of being heartbroken. She missed him terribly but did not complain. It was meant to happen. It did. He didn’t care. She did. When you have a deeper perspective into her she is not just a happy, chirpy and adorable young girl. She is a woman who has been through a lot but still continues to shine bright. She will not whine, stand tall, smile and move ahead.