There would be nights when I could no longer fight the monsters in me.
Will you hold me tight albeit I say everything’s alright?
There would be days when the Sun would hide behind the clouds.
Would you still be the colourful kite in my dark sky?
There would be times when the storm in me is too strong.
Would you love me the way you do now albeit things go wrong?
There would be a time, probably the entire life ahead, when the little girl in me would want to build castles of sand.
Would you still walk with me on the beach hand in hand?
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From the Origin of time many rise and fall like winter weeds, My identity could not be revealed by anyone, My identity could only be revealed if you know me well. There isn't any great mystery about me. What I do is glamorous and has an awful lot of white-hot attention placed on it. But the actual work requires the same discipline and passion as any job you love doing, be it as a very good pipe fitter or a highly creative artist.